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Anton Lozhnikov

Problems in Cross-border International Expansion

Right Marketing Strategy

New market - new strategy, this is vital.


Fundamental Cultural Differences

Cultural, social and political implications
on your business.


Find a reliable local partner

Experience on the local market
is a key factor for success.


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Modern Distribution: Customs, Logistics, Certification and Dispatching

The supply-chain solutions include a variety of actions that can be more complicated in Russian trade compared to other markets. This shouldn’t be an obstacle for your company to grow to full potential and enter the Russian market or secure your position on it. We gathered some common topics about the cross-border business with Russia and how to deal with them smartly.

Why to invest into localization in Russia?

At the moment in Russian economy all locally produced products and services are in favor, and they have  bigger markets  than imported ones. To have the most benefit of the market share, setting up production to Russia is the way to go. It is also supported governmentally and legislation favors it.

Challenges in the Russian market - threat or opportunity?

Taking successful concept and implementing it to the new market as it is rarely succeeds. You need to know the new business environment, customers and competitors. Your marketing strategy may need to undergo major repairs when moving to international waters. Regular updating and critical evaluation of the strategy is vital for every business.